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I like your website!!! :) Bye... Thank for yourattention :)
I am praying for a speedy recovery
Johnny, you're a super guy!
Hey Johnny, me and the girls had a blast! Thanks!
Awesome show.
Awesome had the best time great performance
It was a great night Johnny!
Cant wait for you guys to be back in Ruidoso, NM
You never disappoint, was great seeing yal!
So talented
Love you and your band
Love ❤️ this band
Had a great time !!!! Been so long to get out to see y'all. As always loved the music
I had so much fun dancing. Johnny you ROCK. I am always amazed at how small our world is. Can't wait until the next time I get to come to your show!
It was an awesome show. We love having you at The Back Porch. See y'all again in May. We can't wait.
Enjoyed the night, you were amazing! Thanks for singing happy birthday to Annabell Grisham you have a lifetime fan!
Had a wonderful time last night dancing the night away to you and your wonderful band Johnny Collier.
It was so much fun. First time seeing ya'll in concert it was great!!!
We always love having you Johnny Collier.
Looking good. We love you
Sounding good Johnny!!!!
Looking and sounding good as always!!
We really enjoyed meeting you last night and the band sounded great and loved all the fast dancing music, u made new fans for life
Exciting to have you back in town, we been missing You!
Thank you Johnny Collier and the Misbehaviators for such a great night!!
I will get to come to your shows . as many as I can .
Thanks for calling me up on the stage at the back porch! Band is great!
Come back to Cullman AL!!
I see a couple close enough for me and my sidekick, Regina.
California tour!!!!
Great time last night I'll be there on March 31st.
Really enjoyed coming out to The Back Porch and listening to yall. Doing a great job
I really enjoyed the show at the back porch last night
Great great show tons of fun. ❤ love love you guys!!
Great seeing you again y'all sounded great
Johnny always finds time to talk to us followers in the crowd at his shows.. he makes u feel special and always finds time to talk..He hasn't forgot or let success go to his head.. He's truely a great guy..
Johnny always has standing room only..although I usually end up having to stand the whole time it's always worth it.. Rock on Johnny
Sounds good !! Love it...glad i came
Yall were great last night especially u Johnny
Great Johnny
Oh sounding greatttt...
Johnny - just wow! You tore that violin up like nobody's business!!! I don't recall you playing it before. Anyway, it was certainly a wonderful surprise, Perfect!
Had a great time tonight...Johnny Collier is awesome !!!
I had a great fantastic wonderful time!! The music and talent y'all have is the best!! We love Johnny Collier and the Misbehaviators!! Can't wait to see y'all again!!
Awesome time in St Joseph Thanks again Johnny Collier always a pleasure.
Johnny Collier yall did a awesome job
Bring me more Johnny Collier!
Hey Yall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Killer band!!!
I had a good time and enjoyed your music.
Come to Mesa Arizona too!
You all need to come to Jackson Wyoming
You guys had LOTS of great feedback tonight! We Love you at The Lonesome Dove!
Love y'all so much sweetheart
It was great loved it
I popped in and out. Good job. Safe travels to you
Enjoyed your live session. It was awesome cuz.
Enjoyed it very much! It was awesome! Thanks!
Thanks! I enjoyed it, I haven't been able to see you in forever!
It was great. Thanks
Keep them big wheels a rolling Johnny.. we looking forward to Saturday Nite at Parkers.
Johnny Collier is one of the best!
Haven't seen Johnny and his band play in a while. OMG i forgot how damn good of a singer he is! We needed this..
I say it all the time. he's a good un.
Love Me For Who I Am. Hope to hear this Saturday. On my way back from Nashville and stoppin' in to see you.
We Love 'Love Me For Who I Am'! Everybody who knows him would respond with an emphatic yes! We all love him for who he is! Love you Johnny!
Enjoyed seeing you Johnny. Be careful on your travels and keep ,on making great music.
Best friend anyone can have. Love you Johnny.
Awesome night with my darlin'. As always Johnny Collier rocks it no matter where he goes!!
Great music Mr Johnny Collier!
Had an awesome time with you this morning Johnny Collier. Thanks for doing the Steve & Cindy Morning show!
I hope I will get to see you guys while I'm back in Tennnessee in March 2017. My Aunt Lynn will let me know for sure.
If you haven't heard this Band. You NEED to. They ROCK!!Plus they are Great People!!
We need more people like you Johnny in this world!
Johnny you got my vote for President...
Welcome home Johnny
You guys rocked tonight! We had a blast! We were all glad to dance to yalls music. Debby Vandiver Dorris Julie Kiser
Ya'll sounded good Johnny Collier. We heard you in Bolivar, TN...
Please come to Little Rock or somewhere close . Would love to see a show
Thank you for always helping with Rally at the River - St. Jude Benefit.
Johnny Collier is such an awesome band!!!
Best Band around Johnny Collier!
These guys are So good! Everyone should try it! Really! 'Johnny Collier'
Johnny Collier had a great time can't wait for September ,thanks for dance
We would like to thank radio station 93.3 The Nash and Johnny Collier & The Misbehaviators. What a show they put on last night!
I love that Johnny Collier takes the time to see the young to the young at heart including Alaina Sims and Mitch Rigel Dallas Dorrall is the belle of the ball ❤
You all sound good be glad to hear you again can't wait
Cullman! That's my Home town !!!! How I miss Sweet Home Alabama !! Great Job as always.
Come back to Cullman. PLEASE !!!!!!
Best entertainment around by far
Love the live show. Thanks for mentioning Missouri fans Johnny. Love and miss you guys. When are you coming back to ole mo'?
Gotta come see you again!
Sounds great. Johnny & the band are awesome.
GREAT show as always... love u guys.
Go Johnny Go!
I always end up having to work when ur on town! GRRRRR
U go johnny
Y'all are amazing !!!!!!!
Y'all are really awesome
I'm going to see him next Saturday night in Gibson!!!
Sounding good bro
Better than Aaron Lewis and Trace Atkins
The sadness of the passing of Merle Haggard makes me think of all the country music legends I've grew up with from back in the 50's to today some have gone many years ago but some are still with us. Can't help but wonder whose next cause I met and partied with Willie Nelson back in the 1970's and seeing him live made me love him as a singer and not just a songwriter if u really want to know what country music is go listen to Hank, Pasty, Web Peirce, Faron Young,George Jones, Whispering Bill Anderson,Lefty,Waylon ect. and you'll understand why people like me,Billy Lawson,&Johnny; Collier sing and play the stuff we do God bless u Hag and RIP
Love it when you come to Decatur, AL!
Love the look wish I was there!
In town may be able to catch a show.
Thanks, Johnny! Good to see you and the Misbehaviators.
Yall make each and every one of us feel special and that's what makes you so special to us
I love what ya'll do!! It tells a lot about a person who goes out of there way to make sure every post or comment is answered. Great Things come to Great People.
You're the best Johnny
Y'all guys are awesome!
Hey bust it wide open. Just have a great time. I have never heard but the best about you. Good luck.
You Rock anywhere you're at Johnny Collier!!!!
Hey Johnny Collier. Excited ur coming to Cullman, AL. Will be there. Been a long time since we've seen u guys. C u there
You're cool
Hope y'all have a good trip and great performance as usual !
You are a class act JC
Gayle Galbreath Great show!!! Truly enjoyed it!!!
You've always had a big heart Johnny, keep it that way.
You're a good person Johnny Collier
Sending love and prayers to lift you up from McMinnville Tenn!!!
You and Dallas Dorrall are awesome! Y'all treat me like family when I make it to a show! ((Hugs))
You are a Great Person..
You are so loved here in Tennessee
I love that Johnny Collier takes the time to see the young to the young at heart including Alaina Sims and Mitch Rigel Dallas Dorrall is the belle of the ball
These are the most fan based group that I have ever seen. Most performers don't post pictures of their audience.
I was just listening to 93.3 Nashicon and guess who I heard!!! Johnny Collier coming to Wild Bill's!!!
One of the best acts! Fills my heart with joy to hear them sing more of the older songs back when country was country. May God bless them for all the hearts they touch along the way
Johnny Collier will be at Maverick's this Saturday night. I'm putting on my dancing boots... Who's going ? It's gonna be a party going on... Whoop Whoop !!!
Had a great time tonight with Johnny Collier!
Hey Johnnie, i am glad to see that you are doing so well in something that you love to do. if you don't remember me i was in your sister Patti's class and i was on the same school bus that you road. i plan on listing to you on youtube due to the fact that i live in Oregon and unable to go to your concerts. good luck in the future.
Johnny Collier gets TWO THUMBS UP for his performance at Bottom's Up Bar & Grille tonight!!! EXCELLENT JOB!
True class act, awesome performance!
Johnny Collier was great bringing the New Year in with y'all. What a great extended family I have. Love you guys.
Had the best time tonight Love seeing Johnny Collier sing He's awesome.
Had a good time with my sista Carrie Ackerman last night seeing Johnny Collier!!
It was so great seeing Johnny Collier last night. He gets better every time I see him and he was damn good to begin with. We are fortunate to have such a high quality musician and person play locally.
I have heard Johnny always mentions my brother Rick Davis. They were such good friends! He would be honored!
Outstanding show last night at Gibson, MO. Johnny Collier was on top of his game. Johnny is as smooth and polished a performer as they come. Loved seeing him play the late Rick Davis's guitar, and play it he did "Wow" I'm sure Ricky was lookin down with big smile. Love ya Brother thanks for the kickass show.
Good luck tonight at Gibson Johnny and band. I hope the show is a sweet success and you start playing there some in the future. Your friends Gary & Tracey Murdock
We just happen to be in Huntsville, AL Christmas shopping for the weekend and were wondering what we should do tonight...see you tonight!!!!!
Ho Ho Ho to you Johnny Collier and have a Merry Christmas to all of you
You're a good man Johnny!! Keep up the great job you do!!!!
I think I saw him in Dollar General back in the summer. I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything . I did say hi though!
Give em Hell Johnny!
We sure did party last night. Always a party with Johnny Collier
Had a good time Sat. Night. Glad to see all of you MERRY CRISTMAS
Awesome intertainer, Love you Johnny
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
I hope the both of you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Love ya.
Merry Christmas to y'all
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas from all your friends in Arab Alabama! Love yall
87 here in Florida. Merry Christmas!
75 here in Lagrange,Ga. today. Merry Christmas to all.
Had a great time when will you guys be back..
Awesome show as always.
See you guys in Missouri for New Year's Show! Drive Safe
Looking Good !!
Will be at Crow Creek! Woo Hoo!!!
Really enjoyed your concert Friday night in Arab, AL. You were great, can't wait to see u again!
Johnny I'm so proud you have done so well with your music and it hasn't went to your head. You still are just a good country boy but you have a big heart and think of others.
I love that song. You are good
Loved last night's music!!
You are my hero. You made mama so happy and she is my world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and l love Flower On My Grave, can't wait to get it! You are special people kind and loving.
You still sound awesome! Thank You
Johnny Collier rocked the house last night.... we love you Johnny!
OK, I have already posted this and said it before the gentleman in the photo with me is Mr Johnny Collier. He is not my new boyfriend nor is he my husband! Now really if I had something that good looking on my arm there would be more than one picture of him on my profile silly people! Everyone will calm down. Lol
You're getting closer to Pensylvania! lol
Love you Johnny
I was there and it was great!
Billy Mason Always love to hear Johnny Collier play and sing
Everyone needs to go check 'em out!!! You won't be disappointed
We have to keep up with this guy. Really excited about our Rock Stars. lol
I don't think I've ever seen any other entertainer that's more appreciative of his fan's as you Johnny Collier! I've become a Johnny Collier Fan of the Music and The Man! Don't ever change Bruh!
Johnny, I have always known that you have a sweet loving soul .... You have brought many smiles to my face over the years... You are one of many angels on this earth .. Awesome thing what you and Dallas done... Hope to see you guys soon...
Had such a great time in Ardmore, TN can't wait till you're back there again!
Maybe when you're closer to where i live i will get to come hear you and your band. I did once and i liked it. I live in Saint Joseph near the state line. When you come down this way you make sure that i know. You're a very sweet man and i love sharing your post just to help you get lots of fans cause i want you to be famous. With love Ivy
Johnny is so awesome if you can go it is well worth it love you Johnny!
I really enjoyed your show last week job well done!
A great song and singer, country through and through sharing love this song. (:
Sherrie Friend here. I'm Brenda Judd and Glenda Howard's sister. I took them to The Horse's Mouth Saloon the first time you played there and my sisters and myself LOVED YOU GUYS!!!!! So my sisters drove 257 miles to hear you guys play again!!!! I'm bringing quite a few of people with me.
"I attended the show last night in Licking Mo, what an awesome couple Johnny & Dallas are to be with. Thoroughly loved the atmosphere of the Horses Mouth Saloon and most definitely will go back. I would highly recommend Johnny Collier and his band to anyone looking for a group that are clean, sound absolutely wonderful and affordable to book....so friendly it makes you want to attend all his concerts. I would if I could....I am booking them for my festival that will be in 2016.. again you wont regret going to one of Johnny's shows.... Linda Lewis, Director, Mountainview Chamber of Commerce"
Thanks for coming to the Horse's Mouth Saloon, I had a lot of fun... Thanks for signing my tank and I cant wait to wear it! Thanks for the good time...
Thanks from our crew...we had another great night listening to you at The Horse's Mouth Saloon.
Johnny do you have anything booked in the bootheel of Missouri or in Arkansas in the near future or even in Memphis, Tennessee?
Love him!
Had a great time, Awesome. Johnny you are great!
I want an autograph picture of you next time you are awesome I like the way u mingle with your fans
Barbara Sue Coffman Johnny collier you are the greatest. You put everything u got into a concert, your veins pop out in your neck when you get into it, now that is awesome. I had a blast thanks for saving me a chair
Have A Great & Safe Labor Day Weekend
Best artist around n my book
Had an awesome time can't wait to go again!
Heard you at Furniture Factory and bought your C.D.s Amazing Entertainer, Great music.
Ready for a great night with Johnny Collier!
I really enjoyed myself Friday night, I plan on seeing u again. Love u Johnny
Johnny Collier you are awesome
Great show Johnny Collier in Cullman, AL!
I have got to come hear you sing!!
We're ready for you to come back to The Horses Mouth Saloon in Licking Mo!
You rock Johnny!! Thank you for being a friend, in Arab, AL!!
We Love, Love Y'all Johnny Collier in Shelbyville, TN!
I am THRILLED for October in Alexandria, Virginia!!!
Colorado Springs, CO!!
Woohoo! You are nearby the day after my birthday!
My friend Johnny Collier!! Hope to see you Sept. 11th!!
You guys rocked last night in Mcminnville, TN ...and thanks for the drumstick to add to my collection!!!
Can't wait to see one of your concerts!!
Like. Sounded fantastic in Lobelville, TN!
I've seen Johnny a time or two in Arab, AL. He's Great!
You're the best Johnny Collier.
Sore throat, too much hollering last night, great time with Johnny Collier performance!!
Can't wait til y'all come back in November!
My Friend Johnny Collier making music worth listening to..
I Liked Your Page And Invited 16 Friends To Like It And They All Like It...Best Of Luck Darlin...Keep Up The Good Work...!!!
You were amazing!! Can't wait to see yall play again!
Can't wait till y'all rd back in Tennessee !!!!
Saw y'all in Tennessee come to Decatur to P 2 you rock !
Love listening to you last night at Maverick's.
What true Country Music should STILL SOUND LIKE! Johnny Collier! "HERE'S JOHNNY........" I LOVE HIM!
Love me some Johnny Collier!!
Johnny Collier is awesome and I love his music.
Love when Johnny Collier comes to town!!!
Can't get enough Johnny Collier
Love your music !!!!
Love your music N style.
Good music
Sure did have fun last night. And Johnny was awesome as usual!
Awesome performance last night. Look forward to seeing you again
Hole In My Heart is my favorite JC song
Johnny Collier is amazing. I have listened as well to everything on YouTube he has. My 2 year old love's to dance to his music and my 11 year old daughter is in love with him lol
Hole In My Heart is My Favorite song that Johnny wrote. i play that song a lot cause that's how i feel .Not only is he a great performer he is also a great Writer .
‪#‎ATTENTION‬ I would like everyone of you on my friends list to go to youtube and look up Johnny Collier. Ive been going through alot lately and I must say this guy does covers of greatest music of yesterday and today but I must say nobody since George Jones could bring tears to my eyes until I just heard Hole In My Heart LIVE! Johnny Collier you are AWESOME
Johnny Collier was great! Thanks for playing awesome music.
I love seeing all the photos! Johnny I wish more ppl was like you and actually got out in the crowd. I will support you all I can because I know you genuinely care about your fans. Thank you! God bless!
Got my Johnny Collier Tank Top in the mail yday!! I love it!!
Great show in Licking! You rocked it!
I go at new radio station now will listen to hear ur songs had great time at the Horses Mouth.
Great song Johnny all country
You have a lot of talent. Love this song.
Johnny , this is a great Song! just good country music!
Love Johnny Collier!
I went an listened to you all tonight (Saturday) an you were so awesome
I love your New release Johnny Collier
Great singer!! Cool song!
Great singer!! Cool song!
Wanted to let you know we had an absolute great time Saturday night in Licking MO!
Johnny Collier is the best country music singer in the world! What a pleasure meeting you.
Thank you for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING show!!! I am so glad to have been there to meet you!
Johnny Collier came and seen you Friday at Horses Mouth in Licking,Mo. U are a great musician and singer. Enjoyed your show on Friday.
It was great to see you perform Saturday. The number of songs you know and play is astounding, and I'm certain you didn't play all you know. Playing music for 4 hours with just 3 breaks is impressive. Not even Springsteen does that. I have a whole new respect for what you do. Take care, hope to see you again soon.
Well, yep! What was the question? JC rocks...the end!
Way to go. .Congratulations The Lord has a plan for you young man .just keep on being you and keep up the good work .
Soooooo proud of you.Go on to the top!!!!!!.I would love to hear you and my friend,Billy Lawson sing together.
Congrats Johnny Collier Love that song
Congrats Johnny Collier Love that song
Congratulations you have a very good voice love the son!g
I love that song and Johnny you do a wonderful job I need to hook you up with my nephew song writer in Nashville he's name is Chris Tompkins he is my nephew and Susan Burbank cousin ... You are great ...
Your the most famous person I know!
Congratulations you have a very good voice love the son
really enjoyed the show at the horses mouth in licking,missouri. cant wait to see another
We love your video and your songs at True Discount!!!!! GO JOHNNY GO!!
Johnny Collier ROCKS! Deep manly voice.
Tell it like it is Johnny!!
Really nice!
Great video!
Loved it and so did Luke! He started crying when the video ended and I had to replay it in order for him to stop.lol
Love the video and Johnny Collier! So down to Earth!
Really like the Video.
I enjoyed the song and video Johnny! Nice!!
Love the song and the video.
Awesome!!! Love it Johnny Collier!!!
Congrats! Wish you the best of luck with your music Johnny Collier!
Pretty Awesome, Johnny!
I loved [your music video] Johnny Collier. Country music might be growing on me. AND YOU PLAYED A BIG PART IN THAT. You are great. Thanks Lynn for taking me to Mavericks. Love it.
Love your music. I really enjoyed seeing u again at McFarland.
Everyone loved the band the other night ! You guys are awesome!
Excellent show. Thank you for a great night of fun!
Love the picture!!!! Glad to say that's my kid, Johnny always puts on a great show, look forward to it next year!!!
Hey Johnny Collier when are you going to have a venue around Holcomb Missouri? We have a grandson to introduce you to.
Enjoyed your concert on the 3rd!!! You rocked!
Thanks for an Awesome Concert. Had a Blast!!!!
Day out with my family:) sporting Johnny Collier got country music blasting great day:)))
Johnny thank u so much for what u do for the people with benefits u do I just want say a job well done
Johnny a lot of people would not take the time to help out others. Your are very special person.. U will be rewarded one day.
You are a good man I love to hear you sing
Thank you for taking the time to do this for such a great group & cause!! Y'all sounded great!!
Love that Johnny Collier good guy and friend
Thank You Johnny, St. Judes is a wonderful cause.
Great show for a Great cause. Awesome!
Wonderful music!
Had a great time.
Thanks for the great music and fun times!
Sounding good man.
Nice!! Enjoyed it!! Look for your name on the bathroom wall!! Yep!!
Had a blast can't wait to let loose again with Johnny Collier Dallas Dorrall and Tha gang again
Had an awesome time! Can't wait to do it again!!!!
Johnny Collier is awesome!
Johnny Collier & his band ROCK ! He has one of the best voices I have ever heard & one hell of a Guitar player on top of that ! Very Entertaining ! Loved It !
I only have one word for you AWESOME !
Johnny Collier you are Adorable!!
Great pics, you do know how to draw a crowd!
Loved the show! See yall on the 12th of June!
It was great seeing your show..you're a very good singer..
I enjoyed listening to u on Saturday.
Had a great time with you at Furniture Factory!!
Great music last night!!!
I seen u at the Poke Salat Festival then at the Park. You were really good
Enjoyed the concert on Friday ...
You rocked it at the Factory 2 nights ago.
I got several comments from people I invited - they were all happy that I did, and loved y'all.
Your looking good on that stage
Really good.. I was there..sound great!
Awesome singer and an awesome new friend!!!
Thanks for such an amazing show!!!
You did a wonderful job. Enjoyed it so much! Next time I'll bring my dancing shoes and have fun on the dance floor!! Keep America dancing ! Ty for a great evening at the furniture factory!
Getting ready for the Johnny Collier concert in Muscle Shoals Alabama tonight.....woohoo cant wait....
Had a great time last night!!!!!! As always Johnny Collier was great!!!!!!!
Be safe ! Enjoyed seeing yall in Arab! Love the music!
Y'all rock it out! See y'all when y'all play up here near Lynchburg, TN.
Sorry I did not get to chat with you, but had the pleasure of meeting Dallas. Thanks to you both for all you did today at the benefit. Safe travels enjoyed your show
Y'all are famous now..you're on a Bathroom wall..in Arab Ala..
Love hearing you!!!
Nice eyes..awesome smile
Look forward to looking at you again! Sexier in person than in picture!! And sound good too!' Have a good n safe weekend!
Straight up baby your one sexy man!! And when you sing!! Dam!! Enjoyed tonight !
Excellent singer. Loved you in Huntsville.
I Love Your Music!!
Thanks Johnny Collier!!! Had a blast!!! You guys are amazingly awesome!!!
You were awesome! I can't wait to see you again on new years!
It was amazing!! Thank you Johnny Collier!
The Johnny Collier Band was really great as well as their public relations representative Dallas Dorrall. Thank you!
Enjoyed the music tremendously!
It was great listening to you play this weekend.
Johnny Collier & his band ROCK ! He has one of the best voices I have ever heard & one hell of a Guitar player on top of that ! Very Entertaining ! Loved It ! —
One hell of a three day party. Shout out to the Johnny Collier band for rocking Beulah, Missouri!
So much fun!
Really want a see your show when y'all get close!!
From SWEET EMOTION to MOMMA TRIED!!! This band is fantastic!!!
On our way! So excited to see Johnny Collier tonight at Crow Creek!!!
Enjoyed hearing you last night at the Poke Salat Festival!
Good music!
One bad ass band it takes all of u guy's and y'all make it work!!
You're awesome! :)
Hey man you sounded great last night! Ya'll were awesome!
I like YOUR CREW!! They're pretty awesome.
Thank you for the great show!
Was a fun night!!!
You guys were great!!!!! See you at the Poke Salat festival too!
Thank you Johnny...you are a dear sweet man!
Hey, if you ever come Gulf Shores to play..you and Dallas let me know!
It was great meeting you last night at X-roads and ROCKIN OUT with you and the rest of THE CREW!! YOU and.THE BAND were AMAZING and TONS of FUN!!
Enjoyed listening to u last night .
Rockin it tonight brother
It was worth getting to see the JohnnyCollier band. Freaking love listening to them play!
Just in case there was any doubt... Johnny Collier add ME as a facebook friend...I'm just sayin'!!
Such an amazing night listening to the Johnny Collier and the band tonight. We had loads of fun. Any time JCB is playing its amazing. Thanks for the awesome night.
You're kicking ass on the the radio brother love it
Johnny Collier is the absolute bomb! I never even liked bands until the first time I saw him and now I see him every chance I get!!!! He is awesome!!!
Isn't it nice to be loved and wanted by so many ..lol...
Do you ever slow down?
People go where they can hear the best... JS
People know good music when they hear it so sing on
Looking good Johnny!!!
Way to go johnny !!
Johnny I would have been there but I'm working it's always a pleasure to here u sing also but I think it great the benefits u do for the patients thank u so much
Good show Johnny !!!!
I listened in Arkansas Tonight know Joes voice when he called
Hey Johnny , Linda & I really liked the radio show , the guitar and vocals where nice and clear and I thought you sounded like a very sincere and heart felt artist...Thanks for inviting us ....We loved every minute of it...Keep on keepin on Johnny.....
Awesome Johnny
Awesome as always.
You sound great Johnny! But you always do!!
Love that beautiful voice God really blessed this man and he's not all about the money he tries to help those in need. Love ya Johnny Collier.
You go Johnny!
Very good
A hole in my heart and dedicate it to your big Sis cause I am a little older... lol
Its so awesome hearing you on the radio!!!! I'm so super excited and happy for you!!!! Go Johnny Collier go!!!
Lets go Johnnie!!
Sounds great first time i ever heard you.
Sounds fantastic in Houston!!!
Johnny Collier sounds good up here in Robertson County Tennessee
Way to go JC...Love you guys...Sounding great!
Thank you so much Johnny!! That meant a lot. The show is sounding great.
Loved the Music Johnny Collier you always sound great. I'm really happy for you and your band, you are doing so well for yourself and ya'll are so real .love that about U.
Oh honey thank you so much for the birthday wishes you sent out to Koby Patin on the radio show!!!!! That was so sweet of you to remember!!!! You did an awesome job I loved hearing the show!!!!
Great show tonight! !! So glad to have met you!!!
BIG THANKS to Johnny Collier for the GREAT music!! LOVE YOU GUYS ( and my shirt Johnny) GOD BLESS YOU ALL
Had the best day today and btw good show
Johnny it was good seeing you in concert at Xrossroads a few weeks ago. Hope to see you again soon.
It should be me thankin' you man. Dig your music!
Thank You Johnny Collier!
Okay friends, this will be the best shin dig you'll be invited to all year!! Floating on Sunday in Duke, Mo. at Wilderness Ridge 11:00am. Free camping at Crow Creek! Johnny Collier is coming all the way from Alabama!! Mark this on your calendar May 23 and 24th!
Johnny Collier is awesome in concert.
Soooo... I'm getting married... And, uh, I think having Johnny come play at Nicks here in Alexandria, Virginia would be the best bachelorette party and wedding gift you could ever give
FloBama with Johnny Collier finally got down to see him not disappointed!
Johnny Collier crankin' out some tunes! Go see these guys for some great music!
You were Amazing!!!!!! We will see you tonite too!. Can't wait
Hey brother. We so enjoyed your show last night first time being able to see you.
Love listening to and watching your videos!!
We enjoyed it very much Johnny Collier you were great.
You're amazing Johnny collier!
You guy's kick ass.
I will say it was probably one of my best birthdays yet! I couldn't of asked for a better time with my family and friends!! And I thank everybody for all the happy birthdays so far and all the kind words!! I love ya'll and of course who else made my birthday wonderful the one and only Johnny Collier! #Best Birthday Party Ever
The show has begun if you're not here it sucks to be you
Johnny be pretty darn good !!!
So wonderful!! JCB is all HEART!!! Thanks to all of you!
What a night it was you guys rock. Always fun with you guys Thanks!
Hey Johnny Collier - wishing you & Dallas a beautiful Easter
It's Johnny Collier night at Mavericks!! Everyone come out!!
Johnny was fabulous last night. You know how I love Dallas and Johnny Collier!
Thank you sir. I have much respect for you as a musician.
I hope I have a chance to see and hear you guys play soon. (:
Thank you guys. I had a BLAST!
Johnny Collier you will be right down the road from where i live June 27th!!!
Love this band, Johnny Collier!!!! Hope to see you soon!!
You go Johnny..... this is a hard working good man.
I had so much fun and such a great time tonight partying with Johnny Collier and his band I didn't know how much I missed them in my life I love you! Shout out to Phillip and it was great to meet Dallas thank you all..
Great show at the Hide Away last night!
We always have a blast when Johnny Collier is in the house!!
Last night was one for the record books!!! Puh Pow!!!
As always had a BLAST... Thanks Johnny Collier!!!
Good lookin guy !!!!!!
Great show!
I wish u much happiness and success. You definitely have the voice for success.
Johnny Collier and his guys put on an AMAZING show at Maverick's. The music was great good crowd there's no better way to end the weekend that's for sure!
Great singer.
Time to come party with JCB. It's been years since I've heard you and your band. I'm sure you're as awesome as ever! Looking forward to Saturday night
LOVE TO BE THERE AN GOING TO TRY. Have been wanting to see the HAPPENING BAND, from what I hear it is Johnny Collier and The JCB.
Be safe getting here c ya sunday!! ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all going i love to hear u play Johnny
Cant wait to see Johnny!!!
"I have known Johnny and loved his music for...well lets just say many years. Way back in the lean years. He has paid his dues and then some. Always the Gentlemen and Powerful artist. I am so proud to call him friend. Go get em'. Johnny."
STOP looking at me like that! What are you doing, running for world's sexiest man? As Dolly put it, "Why'd you come in here looking like that...why, you're almost giving me a heart attack!"
Hello my Friend.. You always put a smile on my face..
Johnny ! You have really made a great musician so proud of you. But I'll always have the memories of Dad Rick me you and what ever bass and drummer we could find playing at someone's house or an old cold shop such good memories. You were always like my other brother. Can't wait to see you
Thanks Johnny Collier,we had a great time , more to come!
Enjoyed the show as always
Had A good time hanging out with friends... At The Hanger last night ...we all enjoyed listing to Johnny Collier .....
Johnny has such a great talent and voice, I can imagine Lyndsey cried with joy!! Love it, so sweet
This is what happens when you know some amazing people. Johnny Collier learned Play It Again by Luke Bryan to sing to Lyndsey for her birthday. Thank You!
Great show last night.
I saw the post of you singing for a birthday. I remember you doing the same for Charley in 1991. "Friends in Low Places" Thanks for the memories my friend.
Johnny, I don't know if you remember me but I wanted to tell you I hear MANY MANY people speak of your AMAZING talent. Glad to have you here in KILLEN !!!
Awesome time, didn't want to leave!
This was one of the BEST nights of my life.
Saw em in Florence, Al., great ! Go if you can.
Hi my name is Kentra you really know how to keep a party going can't wait to see you and the band again Friday.
Thanks Johnny Collier!!! Great seeing y'all!!! Awesome show as usual. See y'all next time.
-My V-day was the best ever!-
Oh that was fun !! Johnny Collier is good !!
I saw ya'll when you came to town had a blast!
Thank you for another great & wonderful show!!! We enjoyed every single minute !
What an Awesome night hanging out with Amazing friends & Rocking Out to Johnny Collier Band at XRoads!!
You're awesome
I don't think they could have fit another person in there!!!
Had a awesome time tonight! ! thanks Johnny! !
What an Awesome night..Thanks Johnny!!
As always I enjoyed the music the crowd and can't wait for you all to come back. It was a damn good night!!!
Always fun with Johnny Collier!!
Destined for Great Opportunities Johnny Collier!!!! I'm so happy to be your fan!!!!
Great performance Friday February 6th at The Hanger!! Next time I see you perform I'd love to hear Blues Man.
Thank you for being a good friend. I wish I could see you perform but I am always not in the town you are in.
Had a blast with tha one an only Johnny Collier!!
Glad to b there U WHERE GREAT!!!
You guys rocked as usual. We had a great time!
Had a great time, as usual!!!
Thanks Brother,, I had a blast last night, !!!!! Y'all always have a killer crowd , ......
Great Musician & Vocalist !!!!
I'm going to be there tonight for an after birthday, birthday celebration in the U.S.!!!!
Can't wait to go see Johnny Collier!!!!!
Great performance last night. (:
Johnny Collier Band is awesome. The're GREAT!!!!!!!
We had a great time listening to Johnny Collier and his band! If you have a chance, go see Johnny Collier
Had a blast celebrating with Mr . Johnny Collier thanks for a great night of awesome music
Hey guys Jay and Joseph said it was great to see y'all in Key West again we were wondering if y'all are going to be in Key West again in August?
Johnny Collier is my favorite!!!
Had Fun.
I had a great time tonight with the Johnny Collier Band. I have missed them. They were great!!!#
We loved the show hope to see it again
Can't wait till you come to Crow Creek!!!!
Really enjoyed Thursday night. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.
I had a great time last night in Cullman. Hope ya'll can come back to Cullman soon!!!!
Awesome show last night! !
Great music tonight!
Look who made the TIMES DAILY the one and only JOHNNY COLLIER!!! Whoop Whoop
I was at the show in Tennessee and it was absolutely awesome...enjoyed every minute!
Awesome fella!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear him sing and always great to see him!
Hope to see you friday!
Go see him. We met him while he was playing in Key west!!!
You need to come back to LU LU's
Johnny Collier at the Madison Station? Woot!
Johnny Collier - you really coming to Cullman?
Johnny Collier I hear your coming to Cullman !! You need to post that !!
When will y'all be back around Ardmore or Elkton???
Dang Johnny I'm out of town due to surgery y'all give them hell!!
When ya coming to Illinois where country to pal.
Hope to see you Thursday night!!
I knew you were gonna be big!!!! You have a great talent!
Had a awesome time listening to you Johnny. (:
Will see you at your next show! Gotta sport my shirt l got the last time! See ya
Johnny you are international
You have come a long ways Johnny. Congrats. I am very proud to call you friend. Hope you get even bigger in music world wide would be awesome....
JCB!!! I loveeee loveee loveee your music! and have missed you guys!!!! hope to hear you guys soon and get a big overdue hug from you!!!!!
Enjoyed listening to you at the showcase last night.
Thanks for being a part of the Shoals Songwriters Showcase Johnny. Enjoyed the music. Keep up the good work.
You have beautiful songs n I love your voice!
Great show Johnny! Very well written songs and a voice that can deliver! Best wishes on your career!
I wear my Johnny Colllier shirt even when i don't get to go to his show!!!
Thank y'all for my Happy Birthday!
Got to see my favorite band tonight. (:
Come to North Carolina Johnny!!
We enjoyed it!!
Johnny Collier!!!
Fixing to get down with Johnny Collier..
Having the best time!!! With Johnny Collier
Kickin it at flobama with the best
Save me a seat girl!!
Your awesome Johnny
Rite ON!
We have to get u either at Gulf Shores or near Tuscaloosa!
Great show!
Welcome home! And Happy New Year!!!
Really had a great time!!! Happy New Years to you Two!!
Great time being groupies in Key West see you in February, the sisters!
I was able to find good information from your blog posts.| Thanks for every other excellent article. The place else may anybody get that type of info in such a perfect method of writing? I've a presentation next week, and I'm at the look for such info.
This was my first time to hear u. I was finally off work. Enjoyed it and will come as often as I can.
Had a blast that night!! Will come again!!
Needing information or tickets to see Johnny Collier on New Years!!
Johnny Collier, thanks for turning me on to country!!!
I never miss coming to a show at Mavericks when JCB is there Johnny is awesome!!!
I can't wait till he is back in Tullahoma that man has an amazing voice
I miss you guys I hope you come up my way soon!!!
Miss you guys coming to Centerville. Hope we can enjoy the JCB somewhere down the rode!
As always I had the best time when y'all come to town!!!! Y'all are awesome!!!!!
Thank you and God bless u Johnny Collier
Love what you do and be proud of it to because you do a damn good job
Hey Johnny , Thanks for a great night last night , be glad when y'all come back to Mav's ! The birthday party was great !!! See ya
I just wanted to say a big huge giant thank you to Johnny Collier and his band for the Amazing Show last Friday Night!!! I know y'all were taking some time off after being on the road and cut that short to help us out at Barb's Place!!! Sure do appreciate it...
You better bring the house down tonight. I'm ready for good people and a good time. I will be Front row!
Friends like JC are rare jewels. And u seem to make him shine the brightest. Hard to believe it's been 7 or 8 years that I've known him now. He is so true to himself and is such an insightful person. Thank u for sharing him.
Had an Awesome time! You and your band always do a great job Johnny Collier !
Thanks from Elizabeth and Scott Holman always great to see you and the band and Dallas had a great time with friends hope to see you again soon
Went to X-roads. Great band Johnny Collier
Had a blast tonight! Can't wait to come again! Great Music!
We had a great night at Xroads enjoying The Johnny Collier Band...we absolutely love these guys!
Good morning, Johnny Collier Band!!! Had a great time last night. Loved seeing y'all again. Have a great day!! Be safe.
Johnny, Dallas, thank u for making my day so special. The Johnny Collier Band was great last nite.
Sounding good Johnny Collier!!
Love this band and the sweet Dallas!
Thanks Johnny for a great show and a great time at Crossroads last night. We will see you guys soon.
We hope to make another show! Really fun.. and a Great voice!
My baby sister, Karen and I went to listen to you as I have heard a lot of good things about you. I am so glad we went, you were wonderful!!!
Smokin hot JC!!
Good to see you Johnny. I loved the pictures from Key West.
Beautiful music. Be safe in your travels and stay warm. Blessing to all you guys. xoxo
When will you be back in Arab, Al? I would love to hear and meet you.
It was nice seeing y'all, had a good time
I seen ya once in gville really a awesome singer.
It was a fantastic night for everyone.
One of my 2 favorite Johnnys...will see yall friday nite...!
Man you are rocking it Johnny,, Are you doing a Christmas cd?? Your voice would be beautiful with some Christmas songs
We're in Huntsville. We"ll have to hop on your bus and go with y'all lol
Yall were great, I enjoyed myself so much!
Yall are the best Johnny. Cann't wait until next weekend!
Had a good time, listened to some good music.
So Happy for you all, Glad U are doing good. I miss seeing U and the Band.
Be safe out there and keep up the great shows. Im gonna be comin back home soon to Bama for a few day visit soon and hopin to catch one of ur shows!
I know you are very busy on the road, well, all of the time, but I think it would be fun to be on road with you and your band!!! Can I go??!!!
You bring so much fun to so many....be sure to take time for yourself!
We had such a great time.
Gettin excited....gettin my boogie shoes on!!!!
We had a good time!!
Thanks for the stage invite. Always enjoy ya'll!
Had a great time last night Johnny Collier, always do at your shows!
Johnny Collier you rock.
Johnny Collier and the Band are Awesome..if u have never heard them u need to..
We had a great time last night! !!! As usual Johnny Collier did an awesome job!
Enjoyed all of the great music. You are truly blessed beyond measure! You have great guys in your band and I hope the best for you! I love music and especially the kind you play! Enjoy the journey that your God given talent takes you! You are amazing you have that gift!
I enjoyed myself! Great to finally meet an artist that can sing and play! Loved pink Floyd the wall you rocked it!
We made it to hear some fantastic music listening to JCB!
Johnny Collier...they r my fav...
Had a great time in Guntersville with Johnny Collier. (:
Had a great time as always !!! On My night out !!!!
Had a great time last night. Now just waiting on next month to get here.
I need that CD asap if you have one!!
Sandy and I had a blast at the 41A music festival in Tullahoma. Johnny Collier was great, he gave a fantastic performance.
Bringing the gang!
You're famous on my bathroom wall!
You're famous cause I have your picture from the bathroom wall !!!
Lol your name is in all the women's bathroom stalls and walls, you are famous! Love your music!
You go in Johnny show em how it is done. !!!
HEYYYY good buddy u will see me there I hadn't seen y'all in forever so I can't wait!!! #fanforever
Love it!!! Thank you so much!!! Johnny you have never failed to help and I appreciate you all so much!!
Johnny Collier and Dallas Dorrall I am so proud to call yall friends and to say I have got to share the stage with such a great musician thank yall
I really enjoyed you guys at the festival. Hope to see you again soon.
We totally enjoyed you,my rattie ,JB is all Tuckered out sound asleep. It was so good to meet you and Dallas!!!
Enjoyed you guys in Tullahoma today!!! Thanks Dallas for the bracelet... I wear it with pride!!!!!
Rocked that house! I love you!
Johnny Collier rocked the crowd!
Johnny Collier tonight! So excited!
Love the Johnny Collier BAND!!!
We had an amazing night listening to the JCB!!!!!! My most favorite band out there!!!!!
I'm glad your singing i always enjoy listening to you
We saw you in key west this summer ! It was great ! Thanks a lot and kisses from France Paris
I always enjoy when you are in town!!! Thanks for an amazing show!
I had a great time. Enjoyed the music
Had a good time at Ember ' s last night. Helluva show. See ya ' at Maverick's saturday.
I like it all! Jeans, etc etc etc! Damit! Da devil made me do it! Lol ooohmeeooohmy!
We all love Johnny!!!
Like the jeans!!!
I always miss out on all the great shows ....I know Linda wants to see you again Johnny ...She will be coming to see you all soon here , ..I think in September ...I will have to see you all on the next trip...take care.
He's got the look, moves, and can sing the heck out of songs and oh My how he can pick that guitar oh yes.
Johnny is great!
As much as I loved Darius Rucker in concert I will say he has nothing on Johnny Collier!!
All your rowdy friends needs you here in Alabama and Tennessee.
Johnny glad you've really got your music going great. If you make it to the Springfield or Branson area let us know. We would love to come see you
Woohoo! What handsome Alabama boys!!! Have fun down in the Great Sunshine State!!!!'
We had blast Sat night's show! Meet all these great guys, Thanks again and we had a blast! Nothing like FL Keys!
Happy Happy Birthday to My Favorite Southern Fishing Country Boy, Johnny Collier! I Love & Miss you so very much! Rock out today My Friend!!
We (ie) Patty Priddy Davis. Jill Green and Wendy Beatham owe you a BIRTHDAY SHOT Johnny Collier when yall get home!!!
Had a blast hanging with the Johnny Collier Band the last two nights in Key west!
Looks like a tough job, but you guys seemed to handle the ladies in style!!
Looks like everybody there loves you, just like we do at home ! You are a great entertainer ! Have a safe trip home. Love to all ! Ann
You sir, are one of a kind, and very classy!!!! Thank you, for what you do, it is very appreciated!!!!
Great Music!!! Hope to see y'all again soon!!!
Great show.
We are so glad you came back to Lobelvile . We really enjoyed it.
We love you Johnny and Dallas
You have a great voice
I miss hearing you. Hope to catch a show soon !
Thank you! You're going out in our company newsletter for the goings on this weekend.
You are one of a kind I'm glad I can call U my friend,.....
This is your promoter here saying I miss you guys very much! Also, those of you who have never heard Johnny need to go to one of his shows very soon! He is awesome! Hugs!
The good ol American way!!!!
I have to say all of the above too and a good man I believe in you and your music
All the above and I believe in you
Y'all are good !!
Whats not to like. You are a great guy and an awesome entertainer.
Sweet. Kind and friendly man
Johnny Collier you are a very talented music player and I am so glad to be a fan and a friend . I have had a lot of wonderful times listening to you play music. My friends and me have had so many good times an wild dancing with your music. Keep up the good work.
Love ya Johnny Collier very much very proud to have had met u n be a fan and will always b a fan Ur an amazing performer and person n I'm extremely proud to call u my friend n rock out with u when we get to. Love always Cristy NIX
Fabulous,carry on
You are a very out going person JC. You are a great musician and give it your all. You have fans from young to old . Thanks for being just who you are. A all around great guy
Love that you care about your peeps so much!
Johnny Collier love your music love you you're a wonderful and beautiful friend inside and out
It was my first time meeting and hearing the band! We had an awesome nite and Johnny Collier yall rock!!
Great time ! As always !!!
Hey Johnny got your parcel thank you..all great music...thanks for the wrist band, wearing it with pride..
We sure did enjoy seeing you and getting to meet Dallas last night
You're to sweet!
Johnny Collier you are definitely great people y'all made one little girl very very happy
Yall are such good people Johnny and Dallas and I miss yall like crazy!!
I absolutely love it! I can not thank You and Dallas enough for coming! Y'all truly made her day. My girls and I are soooo unbelievably blessed to not only be associated with You and Dallas but to also call y'all dear friends. My cup runneth over! Love y'all sooooo BIG! Xoxo
Me and Amy enjoyed it!
It was a great night listening to JCB as always
We have been through so much this year thank you for a night we needed and haven't had in over a year! We love you all so much ...
Can't wait till you come back. Love your music. Had a really good time. Great band
Gotta get you up to Michigan Johnny to show them some good music
We are so glad you came back to Lobelvile . We really enjoyed it.
Gotta get you up to Michigan Johnny to show them some good music
Really enjoyed your show and it was my birthday too. Had the best one ever! See you when you come back i listen to your cds every day.
Absolutely love this band!
The best singer that's ever visited Arab Alabama has wished me a Happy Birthday! Gosh this makes my day!!!
Johnny Collier! Hands down....the best! We enjoy ur shows! Always a geat time, good friends, & awesome music! Thank you for ur bands awesomeness!!!
I wanna thank all the guys in the Johnny Collier Band for doing such a great job today!!! Y'all rocked!!! — feeling privileged with Johnny Collier at Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park.
I am super excited just booked Johnny Collier for 4th of July next year!!! Can July 2015 be here already lol?!?
When yall coming back to Tennessee? I wanta come see ya
You must be on the Heart Of Dixie Tour.
Thank you so much we had a great time.
Going to bring my mom....she is also a big Johnny Collier fan !!!
You all rock can't wait until the 31st!
Always a fun night with y'all!
So good to see ya
Had a blast and so did the kids! Thanks for a great time!
Cannot wait until next weekend. See ya'll at crossroads.
Your music is good for the soul hope you all have a safe and blessed weekend
Had a great time Johnny and Dallas enjoyed it
Enjoyed yall's music so much Sunday.
Just keep coming West to Louisiana when the night is through!
If you.listen to your own.music there is your answer... great music!
We all like your music!
We sure like your music Johnny Collier.
You are a rock star!!!!!
You're a celebrity! We love your music to so keep doing what you're doing!
A great man with a lovely voice. Have a great day Johnny!
Had fun... when yall coming back to Lucy's.
Johnny, Thank you so much we had a great time.
Had a blast last nite...you are great
As always... loved loved loved the music..had a blast...
Had a great time last night in Arab and can't wait to see you in 2 weeks. ..you all rock!!!
Me and Tammy are proud of our posters of Johnny Collier he gave us and signed!!!!
Awesome people thank u Johnny Collier
My sister was right. Haha. I do like his music.
Love your music!
YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I remember the first night I saw you. I didn't like bands at all, but you definitely changed that!! I love seeing you guys every chance I get! I can't seem to stay off of the dance floor! ;)
Johnny Collier. He is the best. ALWAYS a blast with him!
Lucy's Tonight. Johnny Collier. Can't wait to listen and not be working! Come out and have a great time with a great band at a great place!
I will never forget the first night I met you! You gave my friend a shirt the one that had breast cancer
Johnny Collier is a great guy I've known him since I was 15 worked my first job with him. Lol he still calls me by my nick name.
I just wanna thank Johnny Collier for making good music. Johnny lead me to music where I met Jason, and Jason lead me to Jesus. Of course Jesus got me right where I need to be.
Had such a good time. As always. Can't wait to see you in T-town sometime soon. Keep that smart phone handy!!
I wish I was in town...I love to hear you sing...lived right there on Perdido Key for 18 years..
Hey Johnny keep the Good work up!
It was a blast as always.
Had a great time last night - as always with the Johnny Collier crew !
LOVED the show ..enjoy your music...
Johnny, Tina and I had a really fun time.
Johnny Collier you were awesome Saturday Night!!!! Enjoyed you and your band so much!!!
I had a blast!! We met a lot of Great people and Johnny Collier was Amazing!! Def gonna see them play again!!
Super excited about celebrating my birthday tonight at Flobama seeing Johnny Collier with some of my favorite people!!!!
Anywhere Johnny Collier is the fun shall follow!
Great show...it was lots of fun!
Thank you Johnny Collier!
Darkly likes his bracelet I got him when Johnny Collier was in town Friday
Jim and I had a good time last night listening to Johnny Collier and talking with Dallas Dorrall ! So proud of them and all that is going on with his carreer! They have worked hard! Love u guys!
Look out me an Brandi Faulk be there at 9 cant wait to see Johnny Collier — feeling excited.
Big fan of yours love to hear you sing
LOVE him
You know I'm your biggest fan
I love ya music and singing i'm a fan!
Im glad to have this guy as a good friend one day i hope to pick a tune with him
One of the best bands out there!!!
Great show sat. night at Lulu's. Thanks for the guitar picks!
Shualena Tramelposted to‎Johnny Collier March 6 I was informed today by Pattie Mills Williams that you will be playing at Flobama on March 28th, so it looks like I will get to celebrate my birthday with you and your awesome band for two years in a row. And, I must say that makes me one happy girl!!!!
Enjoyed your show at Lucy's, had a blast and you guys rocked. Look forward to when you guys are back in town
Johnny, I love what your doing and how your doing it. "Your way" hell yea bro!!!!!!
You need to find one of Johnny's shows. I guarantee you'll be happy you did!
So ready to see my favorite singer Johnny Collier, I've waited toooo long!!!
As usual tonight was awesome I love me some Johnny Collier band n danced till the bottom of my feet r hurting.
Thanks......I had a great time last night, going to hear Johnny Collier again
Make Plans to be with this Single Girl Saturday March 1st Going To Columbia TN To Lucy's to see Mr. Johnny Collier!!
Had a GREAT night with my girls Breezy Grindberg and Dallas Dorrall and my Johnny Collier.... Fun filled night dancing....
Loved finally getting to see you and the band last night.
And rocked on y'all did had a great time tonight
They are awesome!
Saw ya'll at Lucy's Saturday night. Johnny Collier Band. One helluva band.
They are such a good band!
Yep great band:)
Oh how GREAT it was to see y'all. You just have more fans every time you come. And ya'll are just good people.
What a great night we had! Able to take a few fun moments to dance to an awesome band!
Had a great time needed that. Thanks Johnny Collier an friends
Wow! Johnny Collier can really sing..
You were great. Had a good time.
Another fun time @ Lucy's last night enjoying the music & dancing !!! Good times Johnny Collier !!
Thanks!! Man you're awesome!
Johnny Collier i get accused of bein a groupie but hell i dont care! i had a blast! sounded good my man!
He was VERY good! I think he does the best Johnny Cash I've ever heard and I've heard quite a few!
It was a great night!! Johnny Collier knows how to bring it!!
Had a blast and got some new earrings — with Johnny Collier @ The Firelight Tavern.
Johnny Collier Band rocks! Y'all need to go to listen to him!!
Jim and I had such a good time last night! Mmmm good and then listening to Johnny Collier band at Machines MachineShop . Danced the night away with the best husband in the world!
We had a blast!
When Johnny Collier plays it's one hell of a show!! And now he's my favorite singer!
I got to see Johnny Collier, Great voice! Loved it!
Johnny Collier band playing at Firelight Tavern this Saturday night WOOOOOOHOOOOO I so can not wait!!
Thank u. I enjoyed y'all so much and won't miss an opportunity to see y'all again.
Had last a blast ! Lookin' forward to the next time y'all are @ The Nest!
U were awesome babe u rocked it we had a blast!!!
Great show last night. Can't wait till ya'll come back to town
Yea Babe, you rocked it last night too....ohhhhhh what a night it was...
Enjoyed the show Sat at TheOwls Nest! Come back soon!
YOU GUYS WERE FANTASTIC at the Crossroads Friday night, we had a great time. Cant wait to hear ya'll again.
Don't miss the Johnny Collier band. One of the Best, Badass country bands playing in north Alabama!!!!!
In case your out and about, Johnny Collier, a friend of mine, will be over in Arab, January 10th! He's AWESOME!!! I've loved to hear him sing, and have known him since 1993! —
Had a kick ass night with my friends of the JOHNNY COLLIER. BAND @ CROSSROADS. CAN I GET A HELL YES!!!
Had a awesome night tonight with some friends and the Johnny Collier band. That was a much needed time for us. As always Johnny Collier and his band rock!
Great night great music tons of dancing damn if y'all missed it last night u better make plans to come next time
By far the best night I've had in as long as I can remember, if not ever. It's official.
Babe u rocked it can't wait to do it again!!
Awesome time playing for Johnny Collier & his band last night at Lucy's up near Columbia, TN. Wonderful people, lots of fun, & good music!
We had fun As Always! ! !!!! Great seeing y'all too!!!
We had a good time Johnny!!! We always enjoy seeing you...good music along with great friends..can't beat it!!!
We enjoyed the show as always!! You and your gang have a safe trip home and we will see you all next month. :))
I have to say----anybody who knows me very well--knows that i am kinda picky about my bands and was very skeptical about the Johnny Collier Band playing at Lucy's tonight but I am here to tell you---they are one of the BEST bands I have had the pleasure of seeing in a long time!!!!
Johnny Collier! Woo hoo! Great time last night with great friends!
Thank you so much for a great time !! Great fun - great band & great new friends to meet !!!
Susan Rushing-Moore, Shelia Thompson and Susan Moore want to ride that bus!
Who knows maybe we will collaborate one day buddy but i am surely a big fan of urs and every time i go to one of ur shows i always have a blast brother keep up the good work.
Johnny Collier...... Rocked it......awesome....Gotta hear them!!!
Thank you so much Johnny Collier! Rock Out To Knock out Cancer!!
Great show today at Flo-Bama for Mr. Baskins! Great song list as well!
Had a great time with family and friends.
Great show last night Johnny Collier
Great Job Johnny you're always helping others in need . Thank You For being A Caring Kind of Person. This is what the world needs more of..
Joseph Weems Thank you Johnny Collier. JCB rock on!
Johnny Collier comes on stage as if there is a packed house. This was only one stop on a long weekend of events leading me to believe that Johnny Collier could be one of the hardest working musicians I have seen, playing a variety of music from R&B to traditional country & Rock. Johnny has been a singer/songwriter for about 25 years. It was my first time to see Johnny on stage and I completely enjoyed the experience. Because of our own experiences with my Grand-daughter’s kidney transplant I will mention Johnny will be helping with a Kidney benefit.
Johnny Collier LIVE!! A fun band that will make your feet feel like dancing & put a big smile on your face!
Had a great time last night. Great music!
Great music last night at the Countryclub BarandGrill!!
Thank you just isn't enough to Johnny Collier (and your band) for keeping the Party ROCKIN' all night, and our staff for workin' so hard last night (couldn't have done it without you!!) Hope you all had as much fun as we did!
Fantastic night at Countryclub BarandGrill. Johnny Collier threw an awesome party. Great Music and laughing and dancing until my belly and sides hurt. Life is good. I am blessed.
Got to see my 2 favorite people Dallas Dorrall and Johnny Collier tonight been a LONG time but it was great to see y'all. Love you to pieces!!!!
Looking forward to tonight
Some years from now I'm gonna be on a walker and still getting. down to some good ole Johnny Collier music ..
Headed out to my date listening to me some Johnny Collier tunes...
Love your music
I love hearing you play n sing:)
It sure was good seeing u guys Friday night i really enjoyed it. My friend that came with me to hear you said she really liked the show. It was her first time hearing u, i told her she'd like it!
Just wanted to thank you again for donating your time and talent at the benefit auction for my granddaughter on Sat. Oct. 12, also to thank you for being a St. Jude supporter. May GOD bless you in everything you do.
Fun at Stflorian Musicpark!!!!! Johnny Collier and Tyler Jones ROCKED!!!!!!!
Great night my friend! Lisa was flipping out. She had no idea, it was a nice surprise, we both think you're awesome! Loved that new song "put a flower on my grave"...what a story & a tear-jerker. Can't wait for your new CD release!
JC is the man, lots of talent, puts in a great show and is one of the nicest guys I've ever met...he ain't too bad on the eyes either..lol.
It was great meeting you @ Oktoberfest, in St. Florian. My sister and I really enjoyed the show.
Had A good night in Elkton Tenn, at Last Chance, listening to Johnny Collier and his Band. Life is good!
Johnny.......you are awesome.
Johnny, as long as I have known you, you have always had a good head on your shoulder and brother you still do. I am proud to call you friend!! God's speed to you my brother!! Chase
Thank you Johnny for your music
Last Friday had been crappy for me. Then we went to see you play. Not only were my spirits lifted but I got to see a very talented man enjoying his craft. You & your music really brightened the rest of my day. Thank you
It's always a pleasure to sit and listen to you sing.
You really love ur fans and people in general.Thats why I believe u are a great entertainer. Luv ya Ann
Good Johnny! Keep up the good work!
You make our nights to just sit back and relax after a hard weeks work.
U definitely have great talent. I always love hearing u play.
It is always a pleasure to go hear you sing and watch Dallass' eyes light up when she looks at you......you two are a great couple and will continue to be a fan of the both of you.
Jim and I had a blast last night hearing Johnny Collier with Misty Sorrow and her friends!
I want to thank Johnny Collier, Billy Lawson,Marty Raybon, all Shenandoah band,Donnie Fritts,Gary Nichols, Percy Sledge, Larry Vaden,Teddy Scott and Angela Hacker for signing the Guitar.
Johnny Collier band put on a great show at the Coliseum.....I'm starting to like this group.... If you get the chance, catch a JCB show!
Johnny, thank you again for having me MC the show Monday night. I had a really great time!
I always loved your Music.
Great show tonight!!!!
Awesome sound Johnny....
Another good show !!!!!!!!!
Had a good time...looking forward to another show....
Had a blast Friday nite, and look foward to many more such shows!
My best friend Joann and me were at the concert in St Florian Alabama. We had a good time listening to some great music
johnny collier is a very good recording artist.........
St Florian Music Park Concert 2013! It was great! We really enjoyed the show. As usual Johnny u were AWESUM!!
Johnny is one hell of a guy.......never forget a good man and a good band always........
johnny ur a great guy and the band is great....
Had a great time tonight, out with friends! Enjoyed listening to Johnny Collier.
Johnny is a great musician!!
Everyone go check johnny out!!!
Had a really good time enjoyed your show very much.
Great show Johnny..
Hey Johnny...Rita and I really enjoyed your show last night! We been coming to hear you play since...WAY BACK AT TAPPERS..lol. GREAT music..entertainment...and we think your music and singing is just awesome! "And YOU sing some AWeSOME songs! Can't name a certain one cuz we LOVED them all...great variety! WE LOVE YA!
Had a great time listening to some great tunes!
Thanks Johnny for a butt kicking night. We love you so much and wont you to know how we appreciate you...Love Boogie..
The best entertainer around!! Wish I lived closer to see ya'll more often.
Wade the creek and get there!! JC is a great act!!
Enjoying Johnny Collier & JCB @ Cowpen Bar & Grille in St. Joe, TN. Good food, good music ~ Good God what a combination!!!
Luv ya Johnny!
We had a great time, looking forward to the next time.
Really enjoyed myself Friday night. U r awesome.. And thanks for signing my shirt...
It kix butt last night!
Had so much fun!
Thank you so much to all that came out to the street dance tonight!! Great turn-out!!!! Thanks to Johnny Collier Band!
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Thank You so much Johnny Collier for performing that day for us and Gayla! You guys were wonderful and we were very thankful for yall!!!!
Thanks Johnny you guys were great..
Very good show last night!
Oh hell Johnny Collier! WHOOP WHOOP
Shine ON brother!
Anybody didn't come, Y'all missed one Hell of a night!
Thanks for Johnny Collier and a great Wednesday night!
Give 'em Hell Johnny Collier !!!
Jim and I really enjoy relaxing after a hard weeks Work listening to Johnny Collier!
Don't know him but he is fine!
We really enjoyed Johnny Collier when we were there!
Love me some Johnny Collier music !!
I enjoyed the great music Saturday. You sounded great as usual..
Sounded good tonight, hope to hear u again.
Had a great time.. ya'll were great!
Can't wait to go see Johnny Collier in Moulton Alabama tomorrow night :)
Damn! Johnny Collier absolutely, with no doubt, RAWKED Last Chance last night. He done a great list of songs and i ENJOYED THE SHOW!
Great show last night! Johnny Collier + Leon's LastChance = sure fire good time!
Great show tonight!! Thanks for the invite!! Loved the new stuff!!
Hey there. You need to come back to Lawrence Co. Tn and do some shows.
Hey Johnny good job tonight, really enjoyed it and your songs you wrote was damn good keep up the good job!
Awesome! I really like Johnny Collier. He is so very talented, and a nice guy to boot!
Johnny holler at me if you need a fill in bass player Wes
As good as it gets people. The next big country star.
It's nice to know that one of Greatest and Kindest Man that can perform .. Loves everyone .. Including young Kids .. you just don't see this everyday .. Shows what kind of man Johnny Collier is ... a real true trooper ...
Came to the Country Club and Jammed Out with some Johnny Collier!
“Birthday party with JCB… Nothin’ better than that!”
“We enjoyed the night… you and your band are great. We made it home safe & hope ya’ll have a safe trip home too. You are really talented”
“Love to perform with you again, Johnny.”
"We had a great time Sat. night. No one plays the guitar like you!!!"
“Hey Johnny, enjoyed seeing and sharing the stage with you again!”
“Johnny, this is John Lawson. I think you do super great every time I have seen you play. I idolize you a lot… I have played in bands steady for the past 4 years and off and on for about 10 years before that. It’s something I really enjoy. I live in Linden [Tennessee] and want to know how I can do what you do. I want to travel around and play and do what you do and if you have time to text back, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.”
"I think this was one of the BEST [shows] of the season....Johnny, thanks for taking time out to speak with all of your fans... Again, thanks for all your efforts in making this [Music on Main Street, Perry County] work...YOU are appreciated."
One of the best performers around is Johnny Collier and a dadburn good song writer, this is my favorite ***Hole In My Heart *** That's what I got from being broken so much. Keep up the good work J.C. Love yall bunches.
Hey Johnny, really enjoyed you guys at the Busy Bee in Cullman, Al. Saturday night. Gonna try to make it to TK's in Decatur this weekend.
Panama city !!!
I miss ya'll so much i'm about to wear my cd's out! Love ya'll i'm still your biggest fan!
Always good music when this man sings and his band plays. Never a bad time!
We are bringing Johnny's number one fan our grandson... He cant wait to see J.C again!
Leslie Barnes Summers Went to see the Johnny Collier Band. Feeling awesome!
Jim and I Enjoy listening to you and the band. Good job!
Rebecca Morris Had fun last night! Brought my husband with me this time and he had a blast. He said hes ready to come back...!
I really enjoyed your show Friday night at Lucy's!
Alright you Johnny Collier fans get revved up for a fun filled night of kick butt entertainment!
Gentleman Johnny always has his gig down to a fine art!!!
well i injoyed that music last night at the country club and they are a superb band of excellence
Enjoyed the music last night!
Im tellin' ya, his little fan club continues to grow!! Haha!
Johnny, I realy enjoyed your show at Donna's Barn & Dance Hall. I'll be glad to see you again!
Hey Johnny, I could only stay a little while after Jessie & I finished, but, I did hear a few songs you guys did. Sounded good! Hope to cya soon, Mike
Nothing like working a 24 hour shift at the Firehouse and listening to some Johnny Collier Music!
I really enjoyed your show last night hope to see u soon!
Melissa Mcdaniel Johnny and Dallas thank you for making me and my daughter feel so welcome last night. Dallas you have made a new friend for life...my daughter adores you
We had a great time last night with the JCB and Dallas Dorrall. We was sitting in the resturant part and this other family there after they ordered their food and the waitress brought it out to them before they even lifted a fork said a prayer thanking God for the food and a good night with family and friends.
The first night i heard you sing i loved it!
I had a blast!
I had a great time hanging out with my friends. That Johnny sure makes a woman look good when you pose with him!!"
Had a great night @ FloBama! I miss you guys all the time.
Johnny is a friend of mine, listening to him for years. Welcome to my home town Johnny! I'll be there
Johnny, he is a great person and has a great band.. hope to see him more... or for that matter anywhere in cullman.
Johnny, we have all come to an agreement. A bunch of us back home folks on the levee say that the song "Who's Gonna Fill There Shoes" was written about you.
Wow! I finally got the hear some of your music. All I could do was grin. Fantastic. I am so happy for you. We all sat around and rememberd back in the day. You lift our spirits. Please keep it up.
Just a great entertainer and person! Proud to know you brother!
You work so hard....on and off the stage!! Unless you've performed on the stage, you can only imagine the energy it takes. We miss you. ♥LUV
I Have known you for years and love the person you are don't ever change my precious friend. Much Love!!!
I love your music, it puts a big smile on my face !
Your're just a good ole countryboy thats what everyone luvs about u johnny
I know this: Johnny is awesome. He made all the commitments I was not willing to, plus he kept his integrity. THAT is very special. You play the lovin' heck outa' your guitar. My licks? Man, your chicken-pickin right hand technique is WAAAAAY over my head!
Well I can certainly agree with that Nanette... I grew up with Johnny and know first hand what a fine man he is. Really Johnny, this is a great picture!
When you look like Johnny Collier, you can't make a bad picture! I'm telling you folks, this is one of the finest men I know!! Love you Johnny and Dallas Dorrall! Hope you are holding my earrings for me!! Can hardly wait to start sporting them around!!
Dancin at side lines with great friends and the best band n the world,Johnny Collier!!
I really had fun with yall at TK's Friday night......now just waiting on the pics. Hope to see you and Dallas again real soon.
Johnny, I'm here in Louisiana... Still a fan!! Could I get a pair of earrings? I still listen to the first CD you gave me. Let me know if you will save me a pair. Fran
I want 2 Pair of Johnny Collier Earrings! 1 pair to wear and 1 pair to hang on the wall with My Johnny Collier T-Shirt ..LoL Btw i need another t-shirt to wear and some pics too !
Well, we ladies do love our Johnny Collier and don't mind spending a little pocket money to show our support!! lol
I wore my Johnny Collier t-shirt today and had "Hole in My Heart" stuck in my head allllll day. Love my shirt!
Hey Johnny and Dallas! Great job on the new website. -Sylvia
Good to meet you last night man.
I am sending you my check for my Johnny Collier T'shirt ..Can't wait to recieve it and wear it with Pride!!
Was nice meeting you all tonight! Loved your music! God bless!
Johnny, i caught ur show for the first time tonight. At The Barn... just wanted to say great job and looking forward to hearing u again!
We enjoyed the show last night. I noticed you've added quite a few new songs to your playlist since I saw you last. Great!:)
Even the young know a good country singer when they hear one!!! You have a great voice Johnny. : )
J.C. is a great performer .He dont take his talant for granted hes kind to his fans. Just down to earth good ppl. He is a. STAR..
My 9month old daughter, mother-in-law, father-in-law and I went to the concert in Lobelville, Tn this past Saturday and I just wanted to say that I had a helluva time dancing along to the music. No one is a better dancer than Allix, my 9 month old... she never misses a beat and never steps on my toes!!! I look foward to seeing y'all again! Rock on!!!
What's up, bro? Gonna try to get up that way in a few weeks if things work out. Hope to catch up with you. Be cool....
I saw Johnny Collier Saturday night at T.K.'s. I have heard him play and sing before but it never ceases to amaze. Great Job Johnny!
I am so proud of you, and also very proud that Granny got you your first guitar. Keep up the good work.
This is a great website...glad it is here, easier to keep up with where you will be sining...always love to listen to you. Keep up the great work!!!
It is brilliant to read and catchup on you again Johnny. Looks and sounds awesome...Your Aussie Mate..Beth
I just love the Johnny Collier Band! Great Music, Fun atmosphere, Terrific Venues! Can't wait to see you again!