It's Complements like this one from Cat Arnold in Franklin, TN., that make my job easy and worth every bit of hard work!  (And Thanks, Cat, for Sporting your Johnny Collier Tank Top!  You make that shirt look GOOD!)  ~ Johnny Collier 



"So, I have been so excited to take my niece to the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville again and my mom for the first time. We got There just before 6pm for line dancing lessons and listened to a little DJ music before the band got back up to play. The band was talented however, they were all seated, took way too much time in between songs, and there wasn't a cowboy hat or pair of boots in the group!  Where's the Country Music?  The songs were generally way too slow to dance to but, trying to make the best of the evening, we stayed thru the set waiting for the second line dance lesson at 7:30.  The music didn't get any better.  Any night out with my family is never a bust, but shame on you Wildhorse Saloon... can't you do better than this?? Bring me more Johnny Collier!"    ~ Cat Arnold, Franklin, TN





Johnny Collier's 2016 NPR "Tiny Desk Concert Series" Music Video 




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"Never Really Famous"






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POKE SALAT FESTIVAL!…/…/05/19/news/news3.txt


"Best band we've ever had in the 31 years of The Poke Salat Festival without question! Johnny C can pick as good as anybody!"  - Archie Anderson, WRAB & The Arab Tribune 








Thank you to Enrico Billia for sending us this video of Line Dancers in a club called Mustok Lab ( near Volpiano (Torino) Piemonet, Italy, dancing to Johnny's song "Why Can't Johnny Be Good".  This video was filmed on location by Roberto Alfieri.